Being Stubborn as a Writer

My mother said that I am stubborn. Stubborn if I choose something, I will focused and ignored what others said about that.
I am a stubborn when I decided to be an author. And persuaded all my family that I can survive with my job as a writer.

Author or writer wasn’t strange of course in family because we read addicted. Especially my father and my oldest sister, my bigger brother and of course followed by me. But being a writer, author such as something useless. Most of them works as an employee and have a good career.

Me? Choose career as a writer?
Of course when I persuade my family, they persuade me back. One, two, ten my poem, short stories published in newspaper and magazine couldn’t make them understand. So finally I try to step back. Find a job as a journalist and supervisor, private teacher. But it’s hard to be focused. I was still writing beside doing my job. And felt guilty to my company.

I write a poem when I was in elementary school. Continued until I felt that poem didn’t make me satisfied. I need more sentence to express my experienced and my deepest feeling. So I wrote article, short stories, and finally I can write a book after 20 hours wrote for one magazine to others.

Stubborn as a writer or an author.
Because I know, I feel happy when I am writing. Nobody have same feeling like that.
Stubborn to focused on my goal.
From one poem, finally I can write more than 500 stories.
From one teenage book, I can write a book for children and for adult. And now I have over 50 books.

Stubborn not a negative words for me.
I choose being a stubborn and I am happy.

Published by nurhaya3

Nurhayati Pujiastuti, owner Sanggar Mama Bilqis, Founder Penulis Tangguh, Kelas Merah Jambu dan Kelas Biru. Trainer Menulis.